Epiphergy upcycles organic waste materials by producing advanced biofuels, animal feed, and organic fertilizers.

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At Epiphergy, we understand how important it is to treasure our natural resources every day.  One way to help preserve the environment is by decreasing the amount of garbage sent to landfills.  And that's exactly what we do.  

We know that waste doesn't have to be wasted!  It's a valuable resource that Epiphergy can transform into useful, environmentally-friendly products, some of which can even be used to grown new food crops.   

As a world recognized leader in waste-to-biofuel technology, we help our customers manage their disposal projects in safe, secure, sustainable ways.  Epiphergy does this by offering scrap collection and upcycling services that drastically reduce carbon emissions and costs.  

And we carefully vet our waste collection partners, making sure their sustainability philosophies align with ours.  Both commercial and residential customers receive Epiphergy-branded services through these trusted partners.

Generally speaking, Epiphergy works with organic waste; waste that typically comes from plant-based matter.  Examples include yard trimmings, food scraps and agricultural residues.  We can also process unconsumable products that food manufacturers and processing plants occasionally need to get rid of.  

But our services don't end there.  We're expanding quickly and now take traditional recyclables that aren't organic waste.  We can now process plastic, glass and aluminum.  And, we're proud to say, none of our service contracts are dependent on subsidies, regulation, incentives or tax credits. 

Epiphergy - Now Every Day is Earth Day.